Justin Reyes

Biography as it appears in the BEAUTY and the BEAST playbill (spring 2018):

JUSTIN REYES (Candle Man, Ensemble) has been a member of the Lowell YMCA Theater program for the past 7 years. His roles include: The Father and a Lost Boy in Peter Pan, The Judge in Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf, King Triton in The Little Mermaid, Lewis Carroll in Alice in Wonderland, Rug Peddler/Townsperson in Aladdin, The Beast in Beauty and the Beast, and Cowardly Lion in the The Wizard of Oz. Justin has been acting since the age of 8. He currently attends 9th Grade at St. Ann’s High School. This is Justin’s first year with ACTORS inc and he is very excited to be part of this production of Beauty and the Beast!