Biography as it appears in the BEAUTY and the BEAST playbill (spring 2018):

MEGHAN YOUNG (Acrobat, Can-Can Dancer, Ensemble) is thrilled to be in her third production with ACTORS inc. She was previously seen in Les Misérables and Oklahoma!. At Tyngsboro High School she was in a production of Beauty and the Beast as part of the ensemble as well. Throughout her high school career, she was a part of the choir. Before getting the courage to sing onstage, she was part of the stage crew for many productions, including ACTORS inc’s production of Steel Magnolias. She started dancing at three years old and danced for 14 years.  She has performed at Disney World numerous times. She is a painter for Princess Painting and is also working to get her real estate license. Meghan would like to thank her mom, dad and brother for the endless support she receives from them. 

Meghan Young