Patti Poirier

Biography as it appears in the BEAUTY and the BEAST playbill (spring 2018):

PATTI POIRIER (Costume Coordinator) has a passion for costume design and sewing that goes back to grammar school and always making her own costumes. She was inspired and taught by her grandmother, who was a seamstress for Malden Mills Company. She chooses to drive the same 1952 industrial Singer sewing machine that her grandmother used. She has a great eye for making the characters come to life on stage. She is a hairdresser by day and in her spare time, can be found running around backstage with a needle and thread. Her passions include, watercolor painting, cooking for the homeless, staging events at St. Francis Church and spending time with her daughter, Angie. This is her second year working with ACTORS inc as she was head seamstress for Mary Poppins.